Dionissis zervas

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helping users and businesses collaborate effectively

Dionissis Zervas is a Conferencing and Streaming expert who helps businesses achieve collaboration and bring together remote teams while increasing their communication speed. Dionissis has worked in the Conferencing & Collaboration industry for two decades.

He has served high-profile customers in Greece, Europe, Middle East, and in the United States, implementing solutions of conferencing infrastructure within large and complex networks.  In addition, he has supported VIP customers for video infrastructure systems such as MCUs, Management and Monitoring systems, Video Session Border Controllers, Video Streaming and Capture Cervers.

Dionissis has collaborated with countless network and firewall administrators to help implement or maintain on-premise video infrastructure while maintaining high-level network security.

He is the owner of over 50 Certifications of conferencing products and services and has achieved the “Polycom Certified Video Engineer” certification 3 times.

Dionissis has had experience in on-site streaming and conferencing events in hotels and other venues. He has organized and trained global teams of video operators for managed video services and has extensive experience in supporting video cloud services.

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