The new WebRTC video conferencing standard stands for Web Real Time Communications. It is a new protocol for video communication that was created by Google.

Let’s see the main reasons to use WebRTC in your modern communication infrastructure.

Browser-based conferencing 

Browser-based conferencing has been a goal for many years. Many organisations have had this requirement for their employees and external parties or associates. What does WebRTC video conferencing mean? It means you don’t have to download and install a client. Consequently, this removes the issues with administrator rights and company security policies.

In the first days of browser-based conferencing, there was a difference. Without using WebRTC, the user would still have to use plugins. They would have to install them in the browser. WebRTC means that the browser already understands audio and video communication. Therefore, there is no need to install any plugin. Your browser is ready to communicate with others !

Here you will find which browsers support WebRTC. 

If you need more detail, here is a scorecard of specific WebRTC features.

Firewall issues bypassed

You don’t have to deal with firewall issues.If you use a traditional H.323 or SIP soft video client, chances are that you will run into one or more issues with your video and audio when trying to communicate with the outside world – i.e. outside your company network. WebRTC video conferencing enables you to send your audio and video through the browser in the same way that web pages are sent and received, and therefore no modification on the firewall is required, as opposed to H.323 or SIP video technologies.

Licensing flexibility with WebRTC video conferencing

Assume that you wanted to invite an external party to discuss your latest financial data. Then, you would have to pay for their desktop soft client license. With WebRTC video conferencing, licencing is controlled by the server. Now you can invite as many externals as you like. There is no need to pay for a license for them for a one-time meeting, hence you can re-use all your licenses. In addition, you can enable communications for all your employees wherever they are. They do not need to always carry their company laptop. They simply need a computer with a web browser.


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Dionissis Zervas, UC Engineer


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